Accounts Receivable


Accounts Receivables Management has emerged as the single biggest focus area for businesses after revenue expansion. Effective AR not only shores up Company’s liquidity through internal funds, but also eases the need to access external funds. INFINIMINDS creates the perfect choices to enrich value to customers through its Outsourcing Model for Accounts Receivables Management. Our approach to AR with a Client Centric focus, continued Engagement and E-enablement with the employment of Big Data Analytics ensures Controllership and Delivery with good governance practices.

Accounts receivable management is all about ensuring that customers pay their invoices for the Products or Services. Good receivables management helps prevent overdue payment or non-payment. It is therefore a quick and effective way to strengthen the company’s financial or liquidity position.

  • Accounts Receivables Management refers to the set of policies, procedures, and practices employed by a company with respect to managing sales offered on credit.
  • They are the one of the backbones of sales-generation, and thus must be managed to ensure they are eventually translated into cash-flows, thru debt collection on time.
  • An Organization that fails to efficiently convert its receivables into cash can find itself in a poor liquidity position (working capital) and facing operational difficulties.
  • Accounts receivables are found on the balance sheet of a company, and are considered a short-term asset.

Infiniminds Focus on Accounts Receivable Management

We shall provide and render services to our Customers as described below:

  • Ensuring collection of assigned portfolio for PAN India in B2B Segment.
  • Collection of Cash (Collection against Invoices), EMDs & Non Cash such as Form-C, D & I, Collection of TDS Certificates & Bank Guarantees etc.
  • Validation of necessary documentation as per customer Contracts / Purchase Orders.
  • Support for obtaining acknowledged documents from Dealers in case of non-availability of required commercial documents.
  • Coordination with stakeholders on dependency resolution.
  • Periodic reports on collection / debts expected with timelines including Dealer wise metrics validating plan versus actuals.
  • Issue escalations through Client SPOC for critical Customer interventions or Dependencies.
  • Reconciliation Services: Reconciliation of Customer and Dealer data and ensuring the closure. Frequently scanning and monitoring customers for credit risks
  • Maintaining customer relations
  • Detecting late payments in due time
  • Detecting complaints in due time
  • Reducing the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Preventing any bad debt in receivables outstanding

Infiniminds is the Perfect Choice for Outsourcing Model of Accounts Receivables Management for the following reasons:

We at Infiniminds, process the defined processes, which are time tested & proven for its credibility as per Global Standards.

Being in AR for more than a decade, with well experienced professionals, we developed Captive System for effective receivable management.

Our offerings are outcome based, as defined in SLA

With well trained & experience field force & enhancement of productivity, we offer cost effective AR solutions to our customers.

Ontime Collection, Strictly adhere to the commitments, we bring incremental cash-flow to our esteemed customers.

Ontime Collection, Strictly adhere to the commitments, we bring incremental cash-flow to our esteemed customers.

Being delivered as committed & thru proven incremental cash flow, reduction in DSO & Client Centric approach, we partner with customers on a long term basis.

With technical expertise on AR, we assure our customers’ on the committed delivery.

Being ISO 9001: 2015 certified organization, we have good governance & policy, processes & Practices in place.

Having expertise AR professionals based out of Metros & Other Large cities ensure the feet on street who touch base with more than 650+ corporate clients.

Have ultra modern CCC, based out of our Corporate office, Bangalore with well experienced professionals, we offer L1 and L2 support thru our call centers.

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